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    Hyrule Field (Near Castle Town)
    Diceon paused a few feet off of the drawbridge, frowning under the cover of his cloak. The rain picked up, something that was audibly shown by the increased speed of the sound of water filling up the nearby moat. He was glad that no one had recognized him or prevented him from leaving but simultaneously, he was upset that such a perfect getaway was ruined by such weather. Just as he began to continue on his way to the nearest settlement in sight, a small trail leading to the mountains, he heard a thump. Turning around, a voice shouted out "DAMNED FOOLSH! I DON'T NEED YOU'RE RUDDY WALLS! I COULD LEAVE THEM IN SHAMBLESH!". Diceon paused for a moment, not understanding who this voice was coming from, or what they were saying because of their drunken slur. He looked in the direction the voice came from and saw a rock with a humanoid shape, lying on the ground. He cautiously approached the Goron, unable to identify what it was. When he was within reaching distance, he prodded the Rock-man with the tip of his boot, half-expecting for the rock to engorge it.