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How often do you use Dragon-type Pokemon in battle?

Not much actually. I really do love them, however compared to all other types, these are so goddang rare, you'll either first get one late in the game or through spending a lot of money. To add onto that, they take sooo long to train, so that's greatly to my disadvantage, since I don't really want to train Pokémon if I have nothing to with them afterwards, and since I've never owned any games where you can battle and trade through wi-fi and stuff, I've had to do it with my friends, who don't play Pokémon any more lol. So yeah, only game I've ever really bothered to fully evolve a Dragon type Pokémon was in my Silver, partly because my friends played it back then, but mostly because it had such a huge post-game, I had lots of time to do it :D

But yeah, if I get any of the newer games, I'm definitely gonna get myself some Dragon types :p
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