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I personally think that this is badly made but gonna let you guys read anyways.

There was once from an egg, created from pitch-black chaos of space. (It was actually made when a guy who has Aspergers Syndrome and likes to do illegal animal fights and another guy who likes to draw cute, bright-coloured creatures had gay mansex.) From the egg hatched... AN EXTREMELY DIVINE WHITE LLAMA WITH GODLY POWERS! Apparently the llama is called Arceus and he has a wheel around his belly, which makes him always have to stand and unable to ever lie down. (Since it would be incredibly uncomfortable if he lies down.) He has 16 elemental plates he has on. (Be the question is, where do all the plates go? I mean, he doesn't have hands to hold them, do they get inserted somewhere?)

Arceus created the universe with his thousand arms. (He mastered a way to get arms by watching Elfen Lied. The two horns on his head helps explain everything.) He then got lazy so he created a time doggy made out of steel, a wet space penis with wings and a ghostly worm. He also created 3 pixies for a complete different plot-point. (Apparently the pixies have a white whale as a leader, got captured but evil monsters and get saved by a little blonde kid in green tunic, who travels on a boat with a pedophile captain who also has a fairy/pixie-fetish. He pretends to like treasures and stuff to avoid suspicion.) And all these were apparently hatched from eggs... Eggs made by Arceus... The fact that he's a llama... a mammal... a dude...

Arceus then realized he created an abomination, and decided to banish it to distorted dimension, which is aptly named Distortion World.

Arceus later finds out that he banished the wrong creation. He banished the ghostly worm instead of the space penis. Apparently the space penis used Substitute (Which is the ghostly worm.) and avoid being banished. Arceus was too lazy and have 16 plates too far deep inside him to do anything about it and just go to a long sleep.

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