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    Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
    The following were reported to me from players in v8, but I don't see any mention of it on the Bug Fixes, so listing them just in case:

    Soundproof doesn't seem to be working. One player reported his soundproof Pokemon being hit by Supersonic; another by Sing.

    The same player's Pokemon was also put to sleep while in the middle of an Uproar
    The move flag which denotes a move as being sound-based wasn't compiled properly (at all, in fact) in version 8 or earlier. Soundproof was effectively useless then, since there was nothing it worked against. As mentioned in the bug fixes, it's been fixed in version 9.

    Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
    Toxic Orb activated immediately after the Pokemon was sent out. Normally it should activate at the end of a turn when the Pokemon has already been out (or has just been switched in mid-turn).
    ^ I think that should list the player's name rather than just 'Player'.

    And to a different tune, for my information, is setting the ability flag of a Trainer's Pokemon supposed to guarantee the assignment of that ability, or is it one of those 90% things?
    Toxic Orb only occurs at the end of each round. There's no way it would occur immediately upon putting a Pokémon into battle. I think that's a dodgy report. Unless you meant Toxic Spikes, but I assumed they worked immediately.

    Messages duly changed.

    Setting the ability of a trainer's Pokémon will definitely give it that ability, 100% of the time. The override flag (which this parameter sets) is an absolute. Anything you write down in trainers.txt will absolutely be the case.
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