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The Nebula was growing and Growing and Jack was not tiring at all. But unfortunatly a Sableye called Hutch had followed Jack and was going to take him, Jack couldn't be powerfull, thought Hutch. So Hutch sneaked up behind the young Zorua and grabbed him. "AAAAAAH!" shouted Jack.
Jack was conjuring his illusion when a Sableye grabbed him and sunk his claws into him. His father had been right, the Claws stang like hell! The claws didn't go in deep, in fact it seemed as if the Sableye had short claws, but it did hurt. Hutch lifted Jack up into the air. Jack tried to use scratch but failed vainly. Jack was thrown into a tree and immideatly his Nebula vanished. Hutch was closing in, so ignoring the pain, Jack ran as fast as his paws would carry him.