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Well, here, things might get a bit confusing. Depending on the roleplay, a creator might post only the OoC thread for people to sign-up in. These are a bit dangerous to sign-up for, because all threads in the main RP area are set on moderation, because we have a policy on the amount of plot you need to have in order for your roleplay to be accepted.

However, because these OoC sign-up threads do not go through this process, there are high chances of it not having enough plot.

The easiest way to get a guarunteed ticket on a smooth ride to roleplaying and having fun is by posting your sign-up in the existing threads on the main roleplay board. You'll want to check first to see if they want all their sign-ups in the OoC thread, or if it's the traditional type of roleplay board where sign-ups are posted on the main thread.

If you have anymore questions, or if my explanation was confusing, please PM me. ^^