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    Oak huh? Would he be the child Samuel Oak from the movie with Celebi, or Professer Oak? Or something in between? Anyways, here's my new team levels, because I can't find the old ones in the IC thread, and because soon I'll have a new pokemon:

    Esper (Espeon): level 24, Psybeam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Bite
    Volt (Elektrike): level 23, Discharge, Zap Canon, Double Kick, Quick Attack
    Razor (Skarmory): level 24, Steel Wing, Brave Bird, Air Cutter, Whirlwind
    Deluge (Wartortle): level 22, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Rapid Spin, Withdraw
    Amber (Eevee): level 19, Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Helping Hand
    Bagon (future member): level 23 , Ember, Dragon Breath, Headbutt, Dragon Rage

    And here are my NPCs:

    Marcus: partnered with Clefairy; level 16, Magby; level 17, Gyarados; level 20
    TGP (I haven't thought of a real name for him yet, just know that he's about 17 or 18): no partners
    Van Flarsoul (Vulpix): level 32, Flamethrower, Flash, Quick Attack, Taunt
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