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Beat a Trainer, dumped Nutty (Bidoof) and Lumina (Shinx) in the PC and added Drizelle (Psyduck) to my team.

Here's my Psyduck's details:

Psyduck "Drizelle" ♀ Lv5
Bold nature
Good perseverance
- Water Sport
- Scratch
- Tail Whip

Need to raise her a few levels so she can be my star against Roark.

Oh, what's this? Korra is evolving!

Staravia "Korra" ♀ Lv14
Rash nature
Somewhat vain
- Tackle
- Double Team
- Quick Attack
- Wing Attack

And I'm training my starter here until he evolves in time for my first Gym battle!

Chimchar "Ichiru" ♂ Lv11
Rash nature
Somewhat vain
- Scratch
- Leer
- Ember
- Taunt
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