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    Posting now so I don't fall too far behind!

    After playing a bit of KH: 358/2Days, I decided to head back to a regular RPG. I picked HeartGold to play for a few reasons. Mainly because I found a really great deal on a new copy. The game brand-new, a Ho-Oh statue, and a rare cover for the Pokewalker, all for $40. Which is exactly what SoulSilver (just the game with no extras) cost. Also, my best friend and I were talking about Pokemon, and his favorite game is Gold.

    Now when I play Pokemon games, I started a tradition of playing as the male character and naming him Tetsuo. (Name came from way before G/S were released.) When I played through Crystal recently as Tetsuo, his personality began to show through. And since I'm working on my own Pokemon fanfiction, I figured why not write the adventures of Tetsuo?

    If you recognize where I'm getting the nicknames of the Pokemon from, feel free to VM me. It should be easy to guess if you know where my username is from. :V


    Day 1
    Giving up on both the Kanto and Orange Leagues, Tetsuo returned home to New Bark Town. It wasn't that he just couldn't get through the challenges. It was just that the world expected him to solve all their problems. He just wanted to train his Pokemon. Tetsuo crossed over from Kanto into New Bark Town. It was windier than he last remembered. But his mother was still the same, and she even had a new version of the PokeGear to gift her son, and she still wanted to know if he knew how to use it. It was just pick up, dial the number, and wait to make a call, right?

    Lyra, his friend that he hadn't seen in years, met Tetsuo right at the doorway of his house. She told him that Professor Elm had a new discovery to share, and Tetsuo should see it right now! The Marill at her feet bounced with each rise in Lyra's voice pitch.

    Elm's discoveries always lead to something interesting. Waving good-bye to his mother ("Would you like me to save your money, dear?"), Tetsuo headed to Elm's lab. There, the man explained that he believed that Pokemon bonded better with their trainers when kept outside of their Pokeball, and wouldn't Tetsuo like to try it with a new Johto starter Pokemon? He did. He choose a Totodile so Tanis the Typhlosion wouldn't get jealous, and gave the reptile a nickname.

    Sturm the Totodile
    Personality: Gentle
    HP: 23
    Attack: 14
    Defense: 11
    Sp. Attack: 10
    Sp. Defense: 13
    Speed: 10

    Tetsuo and Sturm headed out of New Bark Town. Route 29 felt familiar, but different. Especially with a Totodile sniffing at Tetsuo's heels. After battling a few Hoothoot, they made it to Cherrygrove City. Tetsuo was greeted by another trainer with a Croconaw, and both trainer and Pokemon were recovering from a trip through the Orange Islands. Spending the night in Cherrygrove, Tetsuo and the trainer shared stories.*


    Day 2

    Tetsuo was so tired that he barely did much traveling. He still didn't make it to Violet City, and decided to camp on Route 30. Sturm's full of energy, even wanting to lead Tetsuo around as they travel.

    But they did manage to work together to catch a Spinarak.**

    Kitiara the Spinarak
    Personality: Lonely
    HP: 15
    Attack: 9
    Defense: 7
    Sp. Attack: 8
    Sp. Defense: 7
    Speed: 6

    It was a difficult capture since Sturm's just a little overleveled for the area. Tetsuo likes practicing battling a lot.

    *This would be my original character from the Pokemon fiction I'm currently writing. I put Tetsy's adventure in-between her second and third adventure.
    **I forgot to get Kitiara's stats when I first caught her at level two, so enjoy her level three stats.
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