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    I'm not quite sure if this thread still follows the '6 hours to double post' rule or if it's just for the BW Travel Journey, so excuse me if I'm breaking a rule ;w;

    I trudged through Ilex Forest, grinding Pierce through the wild Pokemon along the way. I encountered a Kimino Girl and then Pierce kindly showed her the way out. I grinded a bit more until I found this one dude tackling the trees. He then responded that it wasn't a Tackle, but rather, a Headbutt! He then taught said move to Tiffany and Cindy!

    Outside of the forest, I obtained the TMs for Taunt and Embargo, while being excelent TMs in competitive (Wonder Launcher Battles for Embargo), I decided to keep them in my bag and not teach them to anyone. I battled the trainers in this route and met up with Ethan, who then showed me the Daycare that belonged to his Grandfather. I registered his phone number - along with the Grandfather and Grandmother's phone numbers - and proceeded out the route.

    Arriving in Goldenrod City, I decided to go check up on the Dept. Store. I bought the TMs for Thunder, Fire Blast and Solarbeam, I taught Thunder to Tiffany and Fire Blast to Cindy. To my surprise though, Cindy was incompatible with Solarbeam. Oh well, at least I can teach it to her when she evolves! Walking around the city, I encountered a Game Corner and spent my time trying to get enough coins from the Voltorb Flip, losing track of time in the process. I managed to get enough coins to buy myself a Sandshrew! I named the little dude Digit, as the Pokemon reminds me of Drillbur and this was a reference to shofu's Drillbur in his B2W2 playthrough (It also looks like "Dig it!", haha!). I then taught him Rock Tomb.

    I am now exploring the National Park. There's nothing much so far, I saw a Bug Catching Contest going on, though, it was a shame I missed the sign-ups by 5 minutes. I did find the TM for Dig, so I taught that to Digit.

    Cindy - Female - Level 19 [Blaze] @ Charcoal
    -Ember, Fire Blast, Headbutt and Sunny Day

    Pierce - Male - Level 18 [Keen Eye] @
    -Aerial Ace, Fury Attack, Pursuit and Leer

    Alexis - Female - Level 18 [Natural Cure] @ Soothe Bell
    -Mega Drain, Grass Knot, Growth and Stun Spore

    Tiffany - Female - Level 20 [Static] @ Shell Bell
    -Thundershock, Thunder, Headbutt and Thunder Wave

    Digit - Male - Level 18 [Sand Veil] @
    -Dig, Rock Tomb, Swift, Sand-Attack