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Tim vs Sinnoh Ch. 1

Note: So I just bought Pearl once again, and I'm excited to start a travel journey from scratch. So enjoy the travels as I cross Sinnoh revealing the mysterious of the region and catching every POKeMON in the known POKeDEX

Current Team

Level 8
Hardy nature
Pound, Growl, Bubble

Level 8
Serious nature
Tackle, Growl

So to start my journey I began watching TV. The show was a documentary of the shiny GYARADOS that made an appearance in GSC and SSHG. Interested I leave down stairs and my mother tells me Ben was looking for me. I leave the home, but not before mom tells me not to walk in the grass without protection (ie. Another POKeMON)

Like a good child, I say "okay" but later do the exact opposite. My little town of Twinleaf is a basic, standard town, looking very familiar to PALLET TOWN. I head to Ben's house and knock, before I can even do that though. Ben bursts through the door, bumps into me, and claims that if I don't meet him outside of town in a short span of time, I owe him one-million PokeDollars(?*).

With that said I follow Ben out of town and he offers that we go to Verity Lake and try to find a shiny POKeMON of our own. I lead the party to the Verity Lake and we see an old guy and hot girl speaking about something. As they finish talking they part Ben and I and pass us.

Little did they know, they forgot their briefcase. As we approach it, two wild STARLY's fly at us. With quick thinking we open the briefcase and find 3 POKeBALLS inside, I take the one to the farthest left and throw it at the ground. It opens and reveals a bright blue penguin-POKeMON.

After several basic attacks, I down'd the STARLY. Ben did the same. As we finished our first battles, the female from earlier re appears, astounded we had used the POKeMON within the case, she takes the remaining POKeMON and its briefcase and disappears.

Ben claims he needs more time with his POKeMON and we leave the Lake. As we leave we are confronted by the old man from earlier. He gives us a stern stare and scowl and simply leaves, the female as well...

We return home and I explain to mom the situation and she asks me to go to the nieghboring town of Sandgem and meet with the old man who, as it turns out, is famous POKeMON Professor known as Rowan.

After receiving some good running shoes I depart my home for Sandgem town to the east. When I arrive I am stopped by the female from earlier who introduces herself as Dawn.

She leads me to the lab in town and introduces me formally to Professor Rowan who turns out not to be a bad guy. He tells me to keep the PIPLUP and gives me a POKeDEX, asking me to find record of every species in Sinnoh. Naturally I agree. Dawn, and her narcissistic like attitude informs me that she'll show me around, because evidently I'm too much of an idiot to find out about it on my own.

She then asks me to go home and tell my mom that I'm leaving home. Which I do. After back tracking from Twinleaf to Sandgem again. I am again pestered by Dawn who feels I'm too stupid to know how to a catch a POKeMON. This being after I bought 5 POKeBALLS. >:[

After catching a BIDOOF she gives me 5 more POKeBALLS and sends me on my way. I catch a STARLY, BIDOOF and SHINX. BIDOOF and SHINX being placed in the box as collecting evidence.

After training my STARLY. I head north and beat several trainers between Jubilife and Sandgem and get into the town. I rest at a POKeCENTER and then saved and stopped playing.

Next Time? Going to find Ben at the Trainer School and deliver the parcel his mom gave me to deliver to him.

Current Team

Level 10
Modest nature
Growl, Pursuit, Water Gun, Water Sport

Level 15
Serious nature
Double-Team, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Level 16
Adamant nature
Rock Smash, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rock Polish

Before heading to the Trainers' School from the POKeCENTER I headed west from Jubilife picked up an OLD ROD and caught a MAGIKARP. I then went north and defeated all the Trainers. Catching a GEODUDE within in the cave.

I went back to Jubilife and the Trainers' School and found Ben at the blackboard reading up on his POKeMON Studies. Before speaking with him and delivering the Package his mother sent me to deliver to him, I spoke with two students in the corner. They both asked to challenge me to which I accepted both their challenges.

GEODUDE wasn't strong enough for their ABRA's with Hidden Power, so quick-switched to PIPLUP and allowed him to handle the male student. The female student the same situation occured but instead I switched to STARLY who OHKO'd the ABRA. After our victory I the male student offered me my first Technical Machine, Hidden Power. I gladly accepted the gift and moved on.

I went to speak with Ben and gave him his package, he opened it and inside were two Regional Maps, he gave me one and kept one for himself. He then bolted from the school.

I followed and was stopped by a snazzy looking gentlemen. Surprised I wasn't in possession of something called a POKETCH he issued a challenge that if I found 3 clowns in Jubilife City under his employment, answered their questions and brought back their coupons, he would give me a fabulous prize.

So I searched all of Jubilife and found all three clowns, answered their simple questions and returned to the POKETCH creator. After counting the coupons he handed me the POKETCH and left. I went out Jubilife's east exit and was stopped immediately by Ben, who had been waiting for me. He challenged me to POKeMON Battle and I accepted. I sent out GEODUDE first and Rock Threw his pathetic STARLY, then came his TURTWIG. I used STARLY and one Wing Attack put that TURTWIG out of it's misery. Defeated, Ben headed further east to Oreburgh City.

Battling all the trainers on the route east of Jubilife, I caught an ABRA and KRIKETOT, I then continued east until I entered a cave, a Hiker within gave me a mysterious HM and said I would only be able to use it after I defeated the Oreburgh GYM LEADER.

I entered Oreburgh where a local trainer showed me to the GYM, where Ben had already defeated the leader and informed me that he was in the mine south of the city. After speaking with everyone in town, I headed south into the mine. While inside I caught a ZUBAT and ONIX, spoke with LEADER who as it turned out was Roark. I followed him out of the mine and into his GYM. I then beat his two CGT (Certified Gym Trainers) and proceeded to challenge Roark, the battle was close where PIPLUP easily defeated his GEODUDE and ONIX, but almost lost all his health to his Jurassic POKeMON. After beating him, PIPLUP evolved into PRINPLUP, after that I received his signature TM and badge and headed back through the cave west of Oreburge in the direction of Jubilife.

When I returned I found Dawn and Rowan in a altercation with two well dressed astronauts. When I intervened it would turn out that Dawn had lost her POKeDEX to them. Teaming up with Dawn and her CHIMCHAR we easily wiped away their POKeMON and received the DEX back and more of Rowan's respect. After they both left, a man approached me and gave me a fashion case, for some reason... :/ I then continued to head north with my ROCK SMASH HM and broke a path to the next route through some rugged rocks.

When I exited, I battled a few trainers and entered Floroma Town. While there I did a little shopping found out that more of the astronauts were hanging around, and picked some berries. I then headed east and a young girl told me her father was being held hostage at the mill. I rushed to the scene but was stopped by a wild BUIZEL. I caught, it's nature was okay and I did a little research on it's base stats and decided to replace it with my PRINPLUP. I returned to the Oreburge mine and am now in the process of training the female BUIZEL.