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    Just a quick update - I've been mostly playing Black2, EV training and grinding and leveling and evolving and trying to figure out who I want on my team for the E4. On the Sapphire Nuzlocke, I'm still grinding John the Nincada so he can catch up with everyone else before going into the Mauville gym. I'm debating whether to leave him at about level 18 or 19, so he'll still have the Ground secondary typing and be sort of useful in Wattson's gym or just go ahead and level him up to 20 (which is where most everyone else is), but then he'll evolve to a Ninjask and won't be of any use at all against the Electrics. And I'm also debating what I'm going to do when he evolves - I don't really want to let a chance at a Shedinja go, but I'm not sure. I have to go out of my way to remove someone else from my party long enough to evolve him so there's a space for the Shedinja, and it's an "extra" pokemon - one I didn't catch by the Nuzlocke rules. But it's also a direct consequence of evolving one I did catch, so that could go either way. I think I'm going to go ahead and make the space and get the Shedinja, then just put it in the box. If I even get to the point of adding it to my party (it'll be the seventh in the box), it'll actually be sort of interesting, since Shedinjas only have two states - not getting hit at all and fainting. And one faint and he'll get released anyway. And it does fit the spirit of a Nuzlocke - aside from experimenting a bit back when I first played RSE, I've never actually used one for any length of time.

    The only other news is that Sylvia evolved. And it's back to grinding John...

    Current team:

    Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 21
    Clyde the Shroomish lvl 20
    Vanessa the Kirlia lvl 20
    Irv the Dustox lvl 20
    Sylvia the Linoone lvl 20
    John the Nincada lvl 15

    Brenda the Mightyena

    *Edit for an update*

    Left John as a Nincada, at level 18, and went into Wattson's gym. I led with him and then either left him in if it was something that would go down to enough Scratches (Electrike, for instance) or switched in Hazel if I needed an actual Ground attack (Magnemite and Wattson's Magneton). It was a breeze, and John leveled up to 19 along the way. Then I went back to the Pokemon Center, pulled Hazel out of the party temporarily and went and ground John a bit more, until he leveled up and evolved. Then I put the Shedinja in the box and put Hazel back, and it was north to the desert. Got the Secret Power TM and put it on Hazel, fought all the trainers and caught a Machop on Route 112 and named him Virgil. Fought the hikers, then caught a Torkoal in Fiery Path and named him Clive. Finished up Route 112, rested at the Rest House (I had forgotten about the insistent old lady - it's funny that you have to actually refuse or else she keeps you there, resting over and over, apparently forever), then it was on to the ash-strewn Route 113. Caught a Spinda (no surprise there) and named him Keith, then got into Lavaridge Town. Talked to everyone, picked up all the stuff, then went out toward Route 115 and Meteor Falls. Caught a Swablu and named him Jasper, and we're currently saved outside Meteor Falls.

    Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 24
    Clyde the Breloom lvl 23
    Vanessa the Kirlia lvl 22
    Irv the Dustox lvl 21
    John the Ninjask lvl 23
    Sylvia the Linoone lvl 22

    Brenda the Mightyena