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    @PJBottomz: Sorry dude, but I've already decided that I am doing ALL of the Kanto Pokemon. Front sprite resizing is getting pretty easy for me, and I already have about 50 backsprites finished from a previous incarnation of this project. Right now, I'm doing all the Kanto and Unova sprites (with some past help from Wiznatts), and karatekid552 is doing the Hoenn sprites (which I haven't assembled into sheets yet).

    @karatekid552: Actually for the palette thing, I simply want a palette that matches the Sugimori art closely, and I might have told you for the Hoenn sprites to use strictly B/W palettes, and that's because in B/W, most Hoenn Pokemon received completely new sprites, and as a result they all have palettes that closely match their Sugimori art :) For instance, take a look at Grovyle's Sugimori art, and then compare it to D/P Grovyle, and B/W Grovyle. Obviously B/W Grovyle matches far better :)

    Also another rule: if the sprite you're resizing already fits within 40x40, then there is no need to resize it at all. Both D/P Horsea and HG/SS Horsea already fits within 40x40, so the front sprite doesn't have to be resized at all. Basically, if the sprite fits within 40x40, then ignore the "has to be same size as Gen III sprite" rule

    New sprites:

    Credit to Wiznatts (I think?) for the Beartic front sprite.

    Also I just want to say Cryogonal's back sprite was massively hard to do...