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Posted July 2nd, 2017
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Hi guys! I'm having some trouble. I'm in the early stages of my Pokemon game development via PE and RMXP, and I kind of hit a snag. So I've been watching some tutorials and videos of people making path blockers, but I want to set a specific type of one that they didn't cover. So far, I have two towns (really a town and a city) and one route. I will probably change this later, but right now Route 1 has no grass and you can either go into the next city or Route 2. So there's two paths you can take, go to the next city right away (which currently doesn't have much to offer, but that's beside the point) or go to the next route. At the moment, you can get to Route 1 easily because it's right under the first town/where you start, but there's no grass or anything like that there (which I may also change later - like I said, early stages).

What I want to do is create an event that blocks the path to Route 2 (will probably be route 1 once I change some things) until the player gets their starter from the lab. Basically a guy saying "You can't leave without a Pokemon!") but is gone after I receive a starter. I think switches are involved in this but I have little to no experience with them. So how do I do this?

Also, how do I make an event graphic 'transparent' until it appears out of nowhere, as if it was exiting/entering a building before bumping into the player?