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Posted September 25th, 2016
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Hi! I'm new to these forums, so lemme start off with a quick introduction!

My name is Swifty, and I'm a hobbyist with animation, art, and character developement!

Take a guess in what I want to major in college xD

So I wanted to do this cute little thing where you guys ask a few of my characters some questions! They'd love to answer them! (I will upload images of them responding!)

Characters you can ask: (be sure to keep them appropriate! )

Lust the Leafeon
Envy the Vaporeon
Sloth the Helioptile
Yujin the Lucario
Bishamon the Luxray
Aisel the Lycanroc (midnight form)

Other characters you can ask:

Umbreon (My friend's oc)
Absol (my friend's oc)
Ninetales (My friend's oc)
Briar (The trainer)

Ask away ^^