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Posted August 3rd, 2018
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I definitely see the potential in all of these ideas. The first immediately differentiates itself from journey conventions by adding a larger, overarching conflict. Who would the characters be, in this case? Trainers, some more experienced than others, all less-experienced?

Actually, this idea reminds me of a loose scenario I concocted a year or so ago and did nothing with, shocking no one. The gist under the cut:
Paras being bred and farmed for their mushrooms, essential ingredients in quintessential healing items like antidotes, in (region); the parasitic fungi is about as preternatural as something adapted to a Pokemon ought to be, and adapts swiftly over the two-to-three decades since the Paras project started to latch onto humans. Tl;dr zombies in (region).

(It's not that important, considering you'd characterize Pokerus as explicitly dangerous for the purposes of the RP.)

Your journey's pretty cool. Original map and region forms? Yes, please! I've always loved the concept of Pokemon Trainers as ambassadors. And expanding on a fan theory! I likey, I likey,

Though, I'm a little confused by what you intend by the gyms representing parts of the economy; is it... metaphorical? Could you expound on this idea?

For the third idea, I'm presuming it'd concern, like, political tension? It might be difficult to split up players in-between four/five alliances, if that's what you might have planned to do. If you have any additional info on the premise, I've love to see it. Playing cards are always a fun motif.

And, of course, if you need any help developing stuff further or want a sexy-looking, custom OP, wink wonk, I'm here... lurking...