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hi, welcome back and sorry if you hate my avatar.

Interesting you are solely focusing on the effects Pokerus has on Pokemon. I actually thought this was going to be a gripping deconstruction of what was once a helpful game mechanic where you showcased the disastrous effects it can have on humans, sincecorrect me if I am wrong, for I am not an expert on biologypathogens can have varying influences on different species. Like, what's harmless for one species is completely fatal for another.

I personally love the idea of taking something that was once a simplified method for convenience and suddenly throwing ramifications onto it which suddenly leads to moral compromise. It provides a deeper insight onto the "why"something that official Pokemon lore is significantly lacking in reason for. In a sense, this is similar to Junier's Paras pitch, where humans commercializes a resource that primarily benefits Pokemon but it gradually starts to screw over humans.

Of course, that isn't to say I dislike your current idea as I do like how you want to expand on the virus through a scientific manner, and in a sense, you are still exploring the repercussions of people exploiting this virus. I suppose it's just black and white this set-up seems to me right now; there's clearly an evil, greedy organization who ****ed up everything and now the players gotta deal with dangerous animals who aren't actually evil but rather the products of a tragedy that could have been easily avoided if humans weren't the REAL MONSTERS.

Maybe that's the key word: tragedy. Something about this set-up could establish a compelling conflict that doesn't even have a proper answer, no clear bad guy to rightfully blame (not that you can't have an antagonist for the narrative). Like, what if Pokerus wasn't tampered by scientists but it began to reproduce exponentially because everybody was just farming that ****. Pokemon would still be seen as "dangerous", but the irony is that a majority of them are just domesticated pets. Obviously it'd be immoral to eradicate or quarantine all Pokemon, yet at the same time their very presence is causing problems for humans who are susceptible to the pathogen.

But maybe this suggestion isn't optimal for a journey format and it is most likely convoluted, demanding a completely different setting and end-goal (a vaccine wouldn't really cause tension since there's a solid solution) just to accommodate. Still, this is just a suggestion that I hope offers more options.

Gym representing the leader's field sounds interesting on paper, but this potentially feels like Gyms with a different kind of motif.

That said, I am really ****ing digging your concept here. If you can subvert the classic "fight Gym leader, get badge" format and thoroughly explore each individual gym leader's profession by offering a wide selection of objectives, we might get an amazing journey here. The end goal of our characters serving as ambassadors is also pretty solid, and MUCH better than trying to aim for the League to become Champion.

That said, there are things I'm wondering about. Since your answer to Kitty's concerns about this being too massive implied you have a handle on how you're going to manage this RP as a GM. I'm curious if you have any inherent mechanics to help keep players in check and also encourage them to engage with the setting.

Political lesbian murder mystery is what i got out of this

Unlike the other two, I have no idea how to approach this RP as a player. I swear to you, I am fully capable of going beyond Pokemon RPs.

I feel like you're concerned about overloading players with lots of information dumps, given you stated that a lot of things have been fleshed out for this RP's lore yet it seems you are hesitant on providing everything in full. I feel like that might be a sign this work functions better as a traditional narrative as opposed to an interactive one. I don't think there's anything wrong with writing a novel though; the fact you came up with this during work gives me the impression you insincerely enjoy writing. Who's to say you're not able to run a RP while pursuing your own endeavors?
This post was interesting and kind of inspiring in a certain sense.

1. Science lecture warning.

Bacteria will grow when they have food and an environment to grow in. Viruses, however, are incomplete and lack the required materials to reproduce by themselves. They need to infect cells in order to utilize their replication. So bacteria are more non-specific and can grow it multiple species with a variety of effects. Salmonella, for instance, is more or less the Chicken and Reptile equivalent of E. Coli. Viruses, however, tend to be VERY specific. Viruses contain very little material to begin with and so they only have a few receptors on their surfaces. Those receptors allow it to bind to cells and if it doesn't bind well enough then it can't infect. Pokerus is the Pokemon Virus and so it probably doesn't infect much else. And before someone mentions the case of Avian or Swine Flu, there's a reason why Influenza can target multiple hosts. I could go into it, but just know that it's a special snowflake.

There's the science lecture as to why Pokerus will only infect Pokemon, however, each species of Pokemon will be effected differently. In general, I do like the idea of making the plot more complex though. As I can definitely see where I could make things more interesting.

2. Admittedly. I really enjoyed my NPCs. My gym leaders, despite being economical leaders, were important to the conflicts in the RP. The first gym leader was a flying type user who represented the region's emerging tourism economy. She was a younger, Kanto-enthusiast who portrayed the younger generations ideals. I then had another older leader who actually initially refuses to allow the RPers to officially challenge her. She's not exactly racist towards the players, but she feels that she needs to represent the ideals of her people and she doesn't feel that they're ready to accept a relationship with Kanto.

Well, it's not really that I had a strategy or method of containing the RPers. I just figured that NPCs weren't always going to be relevant 24/7, that there's a reasonable boundary that the RPers should respect in terms of setting, and that it's my duty as GM to "gently prod" players in the right direction :3. By an "un"reasonable boundary, I mean things like hopping from one side of the region to the other or something like inventing a really dry desert in the middle of a marsh.

3. I'm always concerned with information dumps as I'm constantly coming up with ideas and sticking them together. In all honesty, I mostly just enjoy creating ideas. But, I feel that I am very inadequate to actually realize my creations. Writing is realistic and it's something that I can do. It's also insightful and can be quite constructive. So I don't sincerely enjoy writing in the sense that I enjoy it for what it is, but I do enjoy writing as something that I can do. If I could oversee production of a video game of my design, I would very much enjoy that. But, I cannot actually code or draw or anything :3 But, I can write.

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