Seen September 26th, 2019
Posted March 1st, 2019
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I’m just very surprised why not a lot of people play this game, it’s so fun. The sprites are meh, but the game is so well made, there’s so much of a difference, I originally thought it was like dragon ball Pokémon so I never played it because same storyline, but this game is so different it has it’s original story sorta, not much of a story and more side stories, but pretty good. I found out this game for awhile but didn’t play it because I thought it was like dragon ball Pokémon same story with just champion, but I was so wrong and glad. Good game, beats a lot of hacks for sure, not best hack, still very confused on which champion stronger than which, but fun game nonetheless. This hack is so underrated. I’m still in the middle of the game with badge 4, but still fun. There should be a Pokémon league of legends two, the sprites are meh, but it’s still pretty good.