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So I'm sure a lot of you who were curious enough to use VBA's palette viewer that the game manages to make flashing colored text, fade to black, etc by actually editing the loaded palettes at runtime. For example when you leave a room every loaded palette, background and sprite, turns to black. Pretty clever, eh?

I was wondering if anyone knew of some way we could utilize this. We could have a custom "fadescreen" routine that fades to white instead of black, as an example. We could pull a FireRed Flashback and turn everything into grey-scale with no sprite or tileset modification whatsoever (this is what I'm mostly interested in doing.) Does anyone have a clue about how to either A) tap into the flashblack routine that turns everything greyscale, or even better, B) know how to directly edit loaded palettes?

I'm interested to hear other's experiences with this.
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