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    Right place this time :D

    Name: James Storeson
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Apperance: I can't post sprites yet but I have a sprite i can pm you.
    Pokemon Team:
    Haunter; Hypnosis, Shadowball, Sucker punch, Thunderbolt

    Skarmory; Fly, Steelwing, Substitute, night slash

    Quagsire; Body Slam, Surf, Muddy Water, Ice Beam

    Scyther; Cut, Slash, Fury attack, Hyper Beam

    Magmar; Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Focus Punch, Strength (fun fact, Magmar's Japanese name is Boober, i thought that was funny =3.)

    Mewtwo; Psychic, Thunder, Protect, Psycho cut

    Having beat his hometown of Kanto's pokemon league, James lived the next years of his life seeking a better challenge than the League could provide, than one day he stumbled across a flyer for the Earth and Sky Tournament.
    White 2 FC: 0605-5451-6372