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    Oooh Dark Knight... I always think of the shooting in Aurora because I live in Colorado Springs. I haven't watched it but if I do I'll do it at home. Anyways, I googled an image of Batman so I guess I'll do that with the Joker. Also, don't worry about the nuzlocke, I've heard ALL the naughty terms. Anyways, thanks about Charmander but I really didn't try too hard, sorry. Anyways, I'll be making Squirtle now. Also, here you go Mario... wait a second. Unhatched egg? That can only mean... WELCOME TO THE POKECOMMUNITY!!! lol I do that to all the newbies.

    Here you go, Mario

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    It's done and sorry but the tangled hair is hard to do with pixels anyways, here it is!
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