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    Originally Posted by Ashka View Post
    I tried that first thing (I should have said that), but nope, nothing happens. I'm not crazy about Bulbasaur or anything, though, so I'm not that concerned out about it right now.
    Found why and fixed it for the next release. Thanks.

    Originally Posted by Lucario505 View Post
    Also are there any time exclusive [event] pokemon? Like some only appear morning/day/night? And day exclusive pokemon? (Mon. - Fri., Sat. - Sun., etc.) Maybe that's the main reason I can't find some of these guys.

    Elekid event still not working for me ._." Gone three nights in a row with this rain and nothing. The only event that has worked up there was the Gligar one and that was just out of coincidence.
    There are a number of time-exclusive things, yeah. Specific days, not so much. For now.

    I'm not seeing anything wrong with Elekid's event though... Remember, it isn't rain Elekid likes, but the electricity that comes with it- and it doesn't always come with it.

    Also... New title screen?
    The old one was silly and arbitrary. Therefore-
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