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I've never actually captured a shiny before other than the Red Gyarados. However I have encountered one and this story has been retold so many times that it's starting to sound like a broken record on loop. Either way here's how the story goes:

I was training in Iron Island, one uneventful day and had been levelling up my Empoleon on the wild Gravelers/Onixs and other things that roamed around the area. I had been doing this for a good hour or so while Riley was waiting downstairs for me to come and help him beat the Team Galactic Grunts. After walking around for a while, I finally heard the familiar wild encounter music. I was just expecting another regular Pokemon when I heard a tinker, I looked down and saw a golden Graveler.

I frowned at it, since I hadn't heard of shinies at that point. I thought it could of been a glitch but then I decided that wasn't right. I called to my sister and she came over. Her eyes grew wide and I asked what was the matter. At that moment, I was like.. yeah my game is definitely stuffed up. All my hard work gone. But instead she explained that it was a shiny Pokemon, a Pokemon that is distinctly coloured from its regular design and incredibly rare. I liked the sound of that. Forgetting completely that Empoleon had 4x effective moves against Graveler (I was eight), I used Surf.

Not surprisingly it knocked it out along with a critical hit. I remember throwing a fit to be honest. Nowadays it's just a lesson that I've taught myself- never use 4x effective moves on a shiny. It's also quite funny to look back on. But no I've never caught a shiny, but I have had an experience with one.
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