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    I've started a new job today, so progress will not be going as fast as it has been - I will continue to do what I can in my free time to get the game working, though.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Isn't Bulbasaur too light? His color looks like it's light green but too much
    For Bulbasaur, I'm using a certain palette, so if I change the colors on the palette, it will affect other sprites that share the same pallet - that's what happened with the Ash sprite and I've been having to re-edit a lot of sprites to get rid of the green and I added to the pallet.

    Originally Posted by Pokemon12345678901 View Post
    Mainly Jessie & James's overworlds and battle sprites.

    Some of the others like ash's back & front and Brock's battle sprite looks faded.

    Brock's overworld.

    I like Misty's overworld and battle sprite though.

    Remember metapod23 this is all my opinion, so if you like it you can keep it and I'll still play it anyway.
    I understand, but it helps to have some comments on what needs improving.

    Originally Posted by Peaches1 View Post
    Are u going to release it soon?
    It may be a while before it's ready to release. I'll try to get a beta ready before too long.
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