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    Hello everyone. I'm trying to hack Gen I for my first Pokemon hacking experience, Red specifically. One thing I'm doing is completely revamping most of the moves and changing types, power, accuracy, etc.

    One thing that's stumping me is how Quick Attack is coded to be a priority move. When I look at the move effect, it's "00", meaning that it does damage and nothing else. However, nothing in the move data indicates that it's a priority move, meaning the priority move routine is stuffed away somewhere else in the code. I've also looked around the RAM map without much success, too. I'd like to change a few moves (specifically Bone Club, Comet Punch, and Mist) to be priority damaging moves.

    Also, to that effect, what makes SonicBoom and Dragon Rage have set damage? Their effect is "28", which is exactly what Seismic Toss and Night Shade have, only SB and DR are hard-coded for 20 and 40 damage respectively.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!