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I'm generally fine with remakes except on a few occasions where they try to completely remake the game while trying to keep it the same.

The main one is Fr/Lg, I did not like how they did that at all. They pretty much remade the original game on a new engine so if you tried playing the game on muscle memory you'll probably have a difficult time. Then they locked up some of the Pokemon just because they weren't in the originals kind of defeated the purpose of the remake. Then the worst part is that they didn't let you trade with R/S/E until you finished an extremely long and boring side quest after you beat the Elite 4 and catch 60 Pokemon to get the National Dex.

Then there was FF3DS, I had a few problems with this. Firstly there's still no save points, at least all the FF1 and FF2 remakes they let you save anywhere but FF3DS is still on World Map only. This wouldn't have bugged me that much if the final dungeon wasn't so unbelievably long. The next problem is that the job system fixed some of the old problems but created new ones. The game does not need job change sickness, especially when you are forced to use specific jobs for dungeons you do not need some illness to hinder you. They got rid of some of the useless jobs but not all of them, Scholar is still pretty useless, they should just give the White Mage libra. The job levelling system still sucks, it has the same problem as the job change system, a job shouldn't need hours of grinding to actually be of some use. The final problem with this remake is that all the new content is locked away by the multi-player features which is pretty stupid for a single player turn based RPG.

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