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    Originally Posted by Valvatorez View Post

    In the case of HD remasters, which are not technically remakes but are something I want to touch on anyway, I think their potential needs to be utilized properly: we need to see more games like Zone of the Enders being given this treatment, and less like the Prince of Persia trilogy. That is to say, older games that are extremely difficult to find for a reasonable price and haven't had quite as much exposure as other games may have. Games like Final Fantasy X, God of War, Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid, in my opinion, don't warrant HD remasters, because you can find them just about anywhere for a cheap price and really all they're doing is tacking on some trophies; it's a cheap ploy to make more money by developers who really don't need that money in the first place.
    You do know...HD remastering's purpose is to get older games in HD and better framerate, specifically games with amazing visuals. God of War, Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell all warranted HD because of their stunning visuals at their time. Say what you will, but I enjoyed MGS2 and MGS PW in HD and 60 fps. (And can't wait to try out MGS3 as well, which I enjoyed in 3D.) Also they're not remakes.

    And Ocarina of Time 3D is shameful? The 3D added a lot of depth AND Ocarina of Time is a game that was heavily requested to be remade. Also your arguments against it can be applied to HG/SS as well, moreso since Pokemon is a milked franchise. There's nothing wrong with HD/3D remasters especially since their main purpose is to let people tr-
    Alas, gone are the days when developers cared about anything other than making money.
    Holy crap, nevermind. :/

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