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Inspired by an interesting discussion I just watched on a local public-broadcast current affairs / journalism programme, I figured I'd bring the topic here.

Why is skepticism of science apparently on the rise? Throughout society. Not just, as would frequently be assumed, on the "right" side of the political aisle (most notably today towards climate change and evolutionary theory) but on the so-called "left" as well (vaccinations, wind turbines, genetically modified organisms, nuclear power).

Is it the fringes of political ideologies? Of society? Are we not educated enough? Why are we skeptical of what scientists and peer review largely agree upon and tell us are true (which seems to annoy the right) or safe (which seems to annoy the left)?

Which isn't to say that skepticism or free-thinking isn't beneficial, but why do we as a society tend to not merely question science but try to deny it (or prove it wrong, in a very unscientific way)? Why the mistrust of science on the whole?
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