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    Originally Posted by SporreKing View Post
    Hello there! I have a question which i really need to be answered. I repointed the pointer which points to the OWS-table to 0x00801000 and i copyed and pasted the old OWS-table to 0x00801000. Then i added a new pointer to that table pointing to 0x00802000 where i've added a copy of the hero-data. Now i open NSE and go to "View>Offset". I tried putting in various offsets because i didn't know which one it wanted me to give. I tried giving it the offset to where the pointer to the sprite-table was (the one i repointed to 0x00801000), i tried giving it the offset to the actuall spritetable, i tried giving it 0x0080125C which is the pointer in the spritetable which leads to 0x00802000 where i have the sprite-data. All this, but i couldn't get the texture to show up in NSE!! And when i activate "Advanced Mode" and go to the first default sprite (Hero) I see that under "Sprite Pointer: " It sais "$H35BB68". When i once again put in "80125C" at "View>Offset" I see that "Sprite Pointer: " is the value which is changing. So i go back to the default hero and check the "Sprite Pointer: " and ofc it shows "$H35BB68" So i go to my Hex Workshop and go to the offset "0035BB68" but it just leads me to a bucnh of zeros?!?!?! So which offset am i going to add to "View>Offset"? I mean, if the no. 1 sprite which is hero points to "35BB68" which is only a bunch of zero's, how can that offset possibly give the texture to the hero? And how am i supposed to find the "zero space" of my sprite?!
    I'm just going to tell you how to add a new OW. First, never use the hero data for an OW template, pick a regular OW. Now, copy and paste the data that the pointer in our first table points to (the one that begins FFFF10) to some free space. Create a pointer at end of our table to this new location.

    Now, modify the ini file for NSE to reflect the new location of our table.

    Next, open NSE and go into options and turn "Advanced Mode" on. Then go under boundaries and turn them all off.

    Now you should be able to edit your new sprite, very similar to how it works in OWERE. Remember to repoint the sprite pointer so a new bank. NSE can create this new bank, the in a preference option in one of the menus.

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