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Pokemon Conquest: Prince's Redemption

Ryuu is the privileged Riolu prince of Pugilis, the Fighting-type domain of Ransei. He grew up as royalty in the strongest kingdom of the region and knew only of the splendors of fame and fortune. Once Pugilis’ powerful reign comes to a cruel and abrupt end, he must rise from rock bottom with the help of an unlikely band of social rejects.

Hello everyone, welcome to Pokemon Conquest: Prince’s Redemption! This is a story I've sat on for several years, and I'm very excited to share it with PokeCommunity! This first part is going to be a long one, but bear with me. I promise it'll be worth it!

Table of Contents

1. Prince of Pugilis, Part One

Have you played Pokemon Conquest before? If not, here is some background information on the region/lore:

The Ransei region features 17 (now 18 to retcon fairy-types) kingdoms. In the original video game, warlords were spread among these kingdoms based on the type of Pokemon they specialized in. In this iteration, I am getting rid of all the trainers and having it run by Pokemon government systems--think like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Pugilis, which I mentioned in the blurb, is the Fighting-type Kingdom and origin of the main character. Some other notable kingdoms are Chrysalia (Bug), Ignis (Fire), Aurora (Normal), Fontaine (Water), Greenleaf (Grass). I’ll refer to these as their types’ kingdoms throughout, so don’t fret if it’s confusing. I’ll keep the map available and probably update the locations as they change throughout the story.

The Ransei region has its own set of special Pokemon abilities that I may or may not include based on their interest; for example, “Parry” lets the Pokemon dodge moves easier. Furthermore, I’ll probably appropriate different abilities to have more in-game effects. Think “Illuminate” actually having an effect.

Here's a map of the Ransei region:


This story will explore the southwestern region of the Ransei map and impact the protagonists as their story arcs intertwine through the political climate. I’ll be making specific references to building types, landmarks, and geography as necessary from the Conquest lore!