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    Beta 1.5 is finally completed. I did Pokedex descriptions up to around #20 or so. Grass animations are completed. Water animations are NOT completed. You may notice some backsprites may be a little too big, this is really minor. The type color box for poison and some other types are missing their second top color. Once again, this is really minor. Minor things can be fixed really easily. Besides that, everything else has been nicely polished. I already know that very very few attacks don't have descriptions which can also be easily fixed.

    Other notes:
    Silverdust Town has been changed to Silversky Town
    Oak's intro is now 96% completed
    Title screen will be completed in a later beta
    Cries are not done yet. I can do this whenever
    Hero sprite will obviously be changed for a later beta
    Old Rod does not work yet, I want to do something cool with it
    Everything has been greatly updated from beta 1
    Will be uploading new screens shortly
    Tizzle is my favorite character in this game =)
    Beta 1.5 will be uploaded in a few hours
    And lastly, here's a sneaky screenshot!

    Andddd finally, I beta tested this game countless of times, literally.
    There should be no bugs at all, I squashed them all. Not even a single grammar error, lol.
    I can't wait to release beta 2, fun fun. Dedicated.
    I'm a bit drunk tired right now, haha. More things will be uploaded tomorrow =P

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