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    Originally Posted by hanabluebird View Post
    I very much enjoy this hack! It's one of my favorites so far and I've grinded through it though I'm not sure if it's where the beta ends for now or if it's a glitch, but once you collect the fossils for Mt.Moon, it says you, Jessie, and James return to TR Base in the helicopter, yet I get put into the house in the Mt.Moon Square and can't leave Mt.Moon.
    That's just the end of the Beta. I warped you back to Mt. Moon so you can at least grind a little bit more.

    Originally Posted by Romelu View Post
    i am stuck at mt. moon right now. The message "You see a shimmer from the rockface. Better investigate." is keeping me in that small passage.I have no idea what to do.

    EDIT : Apparently i am an idiot.I found Old Amber now.

    I am really enjoying your hack so far. Keep it up!
    I'm working on the third gym now, so far a few notable changes are battle backgrounds (with help from Tajaros) and Gen 4 and 5 moves. It might take a while for the next release as I'm creating custom animations for each move.

    Originally Posted by Chra View Post
    'Till now i've already caught up on 2 bugs.
    1. When i was gonna fight Jessie and James my game would freeze if james sprite was messed up.
    2. When i try healing my pokemon, my game crashes.
    I have to say, I have never encountered either of these glitches. I know that James sprite messes up, that's a glitch i'm aware of, but it shouldn't freeze the game. As for the second glitch, I've downloaded the patch, and patched it myself, and played through and have not experience a glitch with any of the pokemon centres.