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    Originally Posted by Dragenrder View Post
    I was playing the game and the badge system thing kinda bugged me, maybe they could be ranks or something...

    Anyway, great job on the hack! I was kinda confused when the beta ended, and i wasn't really sure what happened. clarification of some kind would be nice.
    Basically the reason why I warped you back to Mt. Moon was just so you can at least keep training. The next beta will have this warp you to the correct location. Basically Celadon city wasn't complete, and it also meant you could go exploring, which would be bad.

    The badges are basically like 'rank' badges. So with each badge you're a higher ranking member of Team Rocket. I'll add some text somewhere to explain this better if it's needed. After changing the trainer card to a Team Rocket based one it may make more sense.