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    The starters and Meowth are weak, but if you can hack the base stats of those 3 pokes it would fix the issue, I guess...
    At the begining, I defeated all the grunts but Jessie and James still didn't want to fight me. It turned out that I had to talk to the grunts I defeated in order to be able to battle J&J.
    James' sprite turns yellow or w/e regularly!! Apparently, after every battle against him and Jessie.
    Officer Jenny was a bit hard to beat, especially that the game goes fast on you and if you didn't by some Potions earlier you'll have some problems.
    After I have been chased from Saffron to Route 5 I stayed there grinding for a while when a wild Abra appeared, I caught it and used Teleport to "cheat" the game... and yeah a bug. Can be easily fixed by removing Abra from there I suppose.
    At some point, I tried to deposit Meowth in a box but the game wouldn't let me, it kept telling me "That's your last POKéMON!" while it wasn't...
    CoolTrainer Samuel (at the bottom of Nugget Bridge) doesn't agro. I don't know if it is intended, but when I talk to him he says "You can't pass throught here!" then he battles me.
    For some weird reason: Defense Curl raises spDef... Now if that is from the hack or from the rom I am using, I don't know... =_=
    Also, see this screenshot for other stuff:

    Overall, the graphics are just fine I don't see why people are complaining about them... The only issue is the night that messes things up and James sprite... The storyline is great I enjoyed to play as a Team Rocket Grunt. The part that "explain" some stuff from the regular game as such as Bill stuck in his machine, the house with a hole in Cerulean City, ... also, stealing stuff... haha! :D Keep it up bro'. :]