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    e c h o; A KANTO JOURNEY

    [Name] Trey Vincent
    [Age] Fourteen
    [Trainer] Johto Male

    Croconaw, Male♂
    Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Aqua Jet*


    Trey gives off an aura of polite disinterest, mixed with a hint of remoteness. Though well-mannered - required to be so, as the only son of a mother who prides herself in etiquette and the like - he does not particularly like others that make conversation for the sake of conversation, and finds their incessant chatter rather annoying. In interactions with others, he is highly opaque and extremely blunt with his words, preferring not to seem two-faced and not caring about the negative consequences of his frankness; he does not believe in changing oneself simply to gain acknowledgement. Disregarding most - if not all - attempts by his peers to start a friendship, the number of friends he possesses is very small, but he is closely bound to people that are close enough to him to be called as such, and acts as if their interests were his own.

    Perhaps hypocritically, however, he loves to ramble on about his own topics of interest. Some are completely normal - he greatly enjoys music, for example, and is somewhat proud of his vocal training, even though he pretends very unsuccessfully otherwise. Other things, however - hobbies that would be considered normal in people that are socially-inept: video games, books, and anime and manga - are not at all characteristic of his appearance, but are also on the list of things he cannot help but rant about.

    Because he is fairly able-bodied of frame, Trey excels in athletics and - even though being part of various teams - keeps up his lone wolf mentality. With no need for practice, at least in his mind, he usually skips any practices he could, having instead honed his intellect through a high-quality education from private tutors on a variety of subjects including battle strategy and biology; this manifested itself in his suspension from the basketball team. Despite not being very diligent altogether on errands he has no personal interest in, he understands the importance of each and every undertaking, and is much more mentally active than one would expect, to the degree that he plans obsessively and is rarely caught by surprise by unexpected events.

    [roleplay sample]

    She entered the kitchen with a laugh at her son’s antics, she could hear him shuffling through his room for supplies. She was a pretty woman, in her early thirties with raven black hair, crystal blue eyes and a bright pink apron. As she began placing pancakes on the table, the reality of her son leaving on a journey by himself reentered her thought process. She sighed.

    ‘What if he gets hurt on this journey? What if he gets mixed up with the wrong people? What if this is too much for him? What if… I never see my baby boy again?’

    This cloud of negative thoughts plagued her mind to the point of tears that slipped down her soft, pretty face and onto the pancakes. She attempted to wipe away her tears once she heard footsteps approaching her. It was her son, the fourteen year old stood there in his black shorts, red hoodie and signature black hat. However, she failed in her attempt to mask her watery eyes.

    “Mom, are you alright?” he asked in a very concerned tone.

    “Yes, but it’s just...” she looked down with a sad look in her eyes before fixating them on her worried boy, “It’s just I don’t want you going alone.. I wish you would stay here and be safe, but I know I can’t stop you from doing what you want to... Just, it‘s not going to be easy for you..Trey.” she sighed.

    “Mom...” Trey gave his mother a hug and looked up to her with a smile and the energetic, reassuring eyes only a child can have, “I’m not going to be alone, I’m going to have my Pokemon with me. I know this isn’t going to be easy, but I want this, I’ve been waiting for this...”

    The conversation seemed to erase any doubt and fear the boy’s mother held in her mind, and she couldn't help but to smile. The doubt she had in her mind stemmed from fear that Trey might not be ready for a journey, but this was proved to be wrong. Her son is more than ready for a Pokemon journey. She smiled, tears at the edge of her eyes as she watched her son stick an entire spoonful of nutella into his mouth and grin with joy.

    ‘My son.. A Pokemon trainer.’ She giggled at the thought.

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    He didn’t know what it was, the music from his headphones or the thoughts about Pokemon training running through his mind, but Trey couldn’t help but do something he doesn't do all that often. He smiled. He was about to get HIS own pokemon, about to start HIS own journey, about to leave HIS footprints all over Pokemon Trainer history!

    “HOLD IT!” A demanding, feminine voice yelled out. Trey couldn’t help but fall flat on his face, anime style. He got up and took off his white headphones, leaving them to hang around his neck. The boy froze, trying to process the fact his sworn enemy was walking down the street towards him. The one person in the entire city who could manage to get under his skin, it had to be her. The girl was Connie, his childhood rival and the bane of his existence.

    “Where are YOU off to?” The red-haired girl raised an eyebrow at Trey.

    The boy sneered over at her, “You think I need to answer to your sorry ass? I ain't telling you jack. And what’s up with your hair? Looks like a Pidgey made a nest in it or something…”

    “How dare you!” Connie shrieked, indignant. Trey only smirked and flapped his hand open and closed, impersonating his rival.

    “How daaaaare you!” His voice came out whiny and squeaky. Connie proceeded to chase him around the road, her hand bag doubling as a smacking device. Trey may act very mature at times, but he's still fourteen.

    “YOU…getting a Pokedex?” Connie proceeded to puff out her cheeks before laughing sadistically after the boy had narrowly escaped the girl's bag of doom. Trey stood there, a completely neutral look on his face and proceeded to walk by the girl until he finally reached the Pokemon Center. He quickly looked over his shoulder to make sure that pest wasn't following him, thank Arceus she wasn't. He didn't particularly want to leave this city behind, but he counted his blessings he would never see her again.

    The sliding glass doors slid open and revealed the Viridian Pokemon Center, usually full of Trainers frantically trying to cure their poisoned Pokemon courtesy of the Forest. Fools. They could have easily just bought Antidotes before heading into the Forest.

    "Chansey!” a large, egg-shaped, pink pokémon dressed in a striped red and white nurse's outfit cried in a singsong voice right in Trey's face. The boy flinched, but after realizing it was the harmless ball of annoyance that plagued every Pokemon Center he sighed. She jiggled the metal tray clutched in her two hands, making the lone pokeball on it shift around and also causing the nurse's hat on her head to go askew. The boy raised an eyebrow, "Are you trying to give me this?" He pointed slowly at the Pokeball.

    "Chansey, Chance!" The normal type yelled with joy, Trey clutched the capsule in his palm and looked down at the shimmering red top. Before he could have any significant thought about his newly acquired Pokeball he was being pushed down the hall of the Pokemon Center by this crazy Chansey. The surprisingly strong Chansey stopped suddenly and left the fourteen year old flat on his face in the middle of a back room.

    "Gah! What the hell, stupid Chansey!" Trey rubbed his nose before noticing a pair of white flats, belonging to a woman. His eyes trailed upward slowly before noticing the bright white lab coat and immediately recognized her as Professor Pine. He immediately picked himself up and bowed to show the proper respect, the women laughed.

    "No need Mister Vincent," She started before taking a seat at the single table in the room. "Take a seat." Trey didn't hesitate to follow the Professor's instructions, he respected her very much. "I assume Chansey has given you Croconaw." She smiled as she glanced down at the Pokeball in the boy's hand.

    "Oh...uh yeah. She did."

    "Very well. How about you meet your partner and I'll return shortly with a few things." The professor walked off into another room leaving Trey staring down at the red and white capsule on the table before him. He grabbed it again and pressed the grey sensor on the center of the ball and in a flurry of white sparks there stood a blue beast of a Pokemon. It had red spikes trailing its back and a fearsome jaw with jagged teeth.

    "Now there's a frikin' beast if I ever saw one." The Croconaw before him snapped his jaws quickly, "Yo, whatsup my dude. I'm Trey." The teenager raised his fist, but the Croconaw only looked with confusion at the hand before him. "Haha, here," Trey grabbed the tiny blue fist of the pokemon and touched it against his. "This is a fist bump man. And this is to let you know this is the beginning of our championship run." Trey smirked, and the Croconaw let out a cheer.


    "It seems you two have hit it off nicely!" The professor smiled as she sat down. She slid a piece of plastic across the table, it looked like a driver's license at first glance but once inspected further one could easily tell it was a Trainer's Licence. "Check to see if all your information's correct." The professor smiled, and Trey took the opportunity to glance at the information printed on the card. Everything checked out, except that god awful picture. His mother had tried to comb his hair and make him look good for the picture, and would not let him wear his usual hat over it.

    "And here is your special tool that will help you along your journey. Your Pokédex, something you should handle with care. Trey was in awe at the device and immediately began toying with the many buttons on it. "Now before we drag this on too long I must take my leave, there are others that need my assistance as well."

    "Oh-" Trey clumsily stood up from his chair and smiled as he shook the professor's hand. "Yes. Thank you very much professor!" He smiled as she walked out of the room, and he followed a few minutes after once he was done playing with his new toy. He looked down at the Croconaw tagging along. He had almost forgotten about him.

    "Can't believe this is happening. I'm ready." Trey smirked.


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