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    Champion :
    name: Mick
    type:multitype mainly dragon
    Region: Sinnoh

    Team :
    -Umbreon lvl 97 (Aurasphere,darkpulse,chargebeam,moonlight)
    -Flygon lvl 95 (Earthquake,flamethrower,hyperbeam,doubleteam)
    -Suicune lvl 98 (Aurorabeam,surf,icebeam,blizzard)
    -Regice lvl 100 (rest,chargebeam,icebeam,blizzard)
    -Rayquaza lvl 100 (rest,hyperbeam,extremespeed,dracometeor)
    -Giratina lvl 98 (Shadowforce,aurasphere,rest,sleeptalk)
    emblem earned : emblem of valor

    For the full story check my upcoming thread :D
    The aurora King awaits