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    I would be the first gym leader.. after reading some of the stuff on here, it's kinda changed my opinion. I've always thought I'd want to be champion, because you get to have all the buffed up pokemon, but like it's been said, you'd have a select few challengers.
    I'd probably go ghost with,

    Level 9
    Rollout, Astonish, Pound, Thief

    Level 7
    Scratch, Leer, Shadow Claw
    I'd set up my gym to be super dim, with a sort of purple glowing light about it. There would be no trainers, just wild pokemon, and the challenge would be trying to get to the right door while the floor moves under you. If you manage to make it to the correct door, you move on scott free, but if you go to the wrong one, you have to make your way through a room with instanced encounters involving a few wild pokemon.