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Originally Posted by cazzler View Post
Mikachu is a good name, I don't think it's necessary to change it tbh.
All right.
Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
I love the newer story and features! But there are two things I couldn't help but notice:

1: I like how Gary is the professor but professors go by their last name. It should be Prof. Oak, not Prof. Gary. There's nothing wrong with calling him by his first name, Gary, but formally, it should be Prof. Oak. Well, I wanted to distinguish Gary from his grandfather, and calling him Prof. Gary Oak every single time was too lengthy..

2: Mikachu's name makes sense, it's a Mew/Pikachu splice. But the name is man-made, so it shouldn't be able to say "Mika" or "Mikachu". Depending on your opinion, it can say "Mew", "Pikachu", both, or Pokemon noises that don't say it's name. Or maybe saying "Mikachu" was part of the splicing, I didn't make the story. I just thought I'd point that out. Well, when the two Pokémon were spliced, EVERYTHING about them was as well.

Good question. I thought Mikachu just sounded too...obvious. Maybe if it's more Mew than Pikachu, it can still be named Mew. A genetically altered Mew still named Mew. Or if it's perfectly equal, it can still be named Mikachu or something of the sort, Or maybe it's creator (I think it was Gary) can give it a completely unrelated name. Hard to choose but I'm used to Mikachu. Well, because of my above comment, Gary decided to name it after what it said.
Responses above in bold.
Originally Posted by WishCookie View Post
Wait, can you battle the pokemon league in this version?
Nope, sorry.
Originally Posted by DashBlacK View Post
Where does Beta 2 go upto?
The Beta 2 Redux goes up to the third gym.

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