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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Rocky Mountains

    Ruby startled when Kilik shouted out "A Latias?!" Ruby rubbed the back of her head after he said cool, in a cold way though...

    'Y-yeah, i saved her from a evil organization when they were chasing her, ever since then she never left.' Rube explained shyly. 'Team magma...' She then mumbled. 'Anyways! What kind of pokemon are you looking for here?' Ruby asked Kilik, after she heard Jack mumbling, but he sounded like he was not believing her, but Ruby didn't feel like convincing him.

    Then suddenly, she heard a cry, a pokemon cry. 'What was that?' Ruby asked, but it was kind of a stupid question since she can hear pokemon speak, for her it wasn't a cry, for her it was a pokemon speaking. 'Hehe... Never mind...' Ruby said, following Kilik and Jack to the pokemon, was it a Deino...?

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