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Mark eventually made it to the Pokemon Center and got all of his Pokemon healed up. As per usual he let Snype out of his Pokeball and left Kara out as well. Kara quickly glanced over to Snype with a small grin on her face. Snype had no idea what the deal was but it got him kinda weirded out. She seemed to be looking at his eyes though, almost envious.

Mark didn't have much else to do and alot of the shops were pretty much closed. He'd already trained his Pokemon a decent amount for the night so all that was left was to head back to the dorms.

"I'd say we got alot done today huh guys? I bet you we can go even further tommorow! After classes, how about we go and battle a few students and put our training to the test? Maybe even catch another Pokemon!" Mark said. Snype nodded in agreement. He hadn't battled in awhile and seriously needed to get back into shape.

On the way to the Dorms, Mark noticed in the distance a Dragonite... a bit bigger then usual also. As far as Mark was concerned, there were only a few people in the academy that owned a Dragonite, And Mark had a good feeling of who this one belonged to.

"Hey Val!" Mark called out as he ran over to her.

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