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Ivrant, Arwyn, and Rosa- Lunchtime!

After a small walk, Ivrant eventually made his way to the Cafeteria where he figured Arwyn had already gotten to by now. Rosa probly wouldn't be too far behind considering they just finished classes and all. Heck maybe she was already inside by now? Nonetheless Ivrant walked inside and started to look around for the two.

Arwyn was already in the Cafeteria. He got there soon after he sent the text. He saw that both Ivrant and Rosa texted back. He wanted to release Scraggy, but he knew that Scraggy would lunge at Dynamo if he caught eye of him. Instead, he released Klink out of his Pokéball. Ivrant and Ros should be there soon...

Ivrant quickly caught sight of Arwyn. Dynamo more importantly especially noticed a distinct lack of Scraggy so he seemed to be more then alright hanging out in the open more. "Heya Arwyn! Looks like I made it first huh?" Ivrant said as he moved over to his table. "How was class? I had a self defense class with Maylene so that was pretty eventful."

“Excuse-- me, pardon me, sorry, ex--cuse me.” Rosa mumbled as she brushed by what seemed like every student at the academy. Apparently the excitement of completing their first class had left most students pretty hungry. It took a minute or two of struggling through the crowd before she saw the familiar faces of Ivrant and Arwyn, who she quickly made a beeline towards.

“Man, it’s a living maze in here.”

''Oh, welcome Rosa. I was just about to tell Ivrant my class. I had Pokémon Mythology, and the teacher was Cynthia, the Sinnoh champion!'' Arwyn's eyes lit up while talking about her. ''A-anyway, we learned a bit about legendary Pokémon.... What did you guys learn during your classes?''

"Self defense techniques mostly" Ivrant said. "Mostly taught us how to deal with threats such as wild Pokemon, other trainers, and more. Pretty interesting stuff honestly! I was on fire in that class." Ivrant said proudly before looking at Rosa. "How bout you? How did your class go huh?"

Wow, she’s never seen Arwyn seem so excited! It’s a good look on him. Then again, who wouldn’t be excited about being taught by a Champion? “I had Human Psychic class with Sabrina.” The blue haired trainer seemed to beam at the mention of her teacher, who had been her idol for some years-- only for her expression to quickly become grim. “I...sorta froze. If Autumn wasn’t there, I probably would have hid under my desk.”

''Huh? W-why is that? Do you not like Sabrina or something?'' Arwyn looked kind of concerned. ''I could understand if you were shy.. I was s-shy too, around such a formidable trainer, but I didn't want to look awkward or anything.'' Arwyn glances over to Autumn. ''Speaking of, how are your Pokémon doing?'' He eyes both Ivrant and Rosa.

"Oh yeah! Dynamo and Buster are doing great as you can see." The Rosellia smiled at the two as he hopped onto the table. "I even found a new Pokemon while I was training too. A Sandygast. I still need to get her used to battle but we'll get there when we get there." Ivrant smiled.

Rosa’s expression lightens at the discussion of a newly captured Pokemon, and her tense shoulders relax slightly. “That’s a fight I’d love to see. I’ve never seen a Sandygast battle before.” She… could offer to be his opponent, although...if she were to battle Sandygast, she would use her Sneasel, and that seems a little unfair to Sandygast. Speaking of…

Taking her second Friendball from her belt loop, Rosa calls out her Sneasel, whom she decided to name Mink. “Ready for lunch, you two?”

Autumn replied with a happy cry, while Mink seemed distracted, looking for something. Probably Arwyn’s Scraggy.

''I have never seen a Sandygast before.. I believe it's a ghost type Pokémon? Anyway, I know I'm going to regret doing this, so Ivrant, be careful with Dynamo.. but I'm gonna take Scraggy out so he can eat. Go, Scraggy!'' Scraggy came out of the Pokéball. He looked around and saw Dynamo. He gave him a good leer, until he saw Autumn. He went to Autumn and greeted her. ''Heya Autumn, how are ya doin'?''

Dynamo gave off a small scoff. The Scraggy was lucky that he was hungry... speaking of which, the mon nudged Ivrant pretty hard and pointed up to the Food being served nearby. "Heheh, Uh.... looks like Dynamos pretty hungry. I'm gonna go and snag some food. I'll be right back!" Ivrant said as he got up and made his way over to the counter.

“Hello, again.” Autumn greets, swishing her tail in a wave like motion. “Ready for lunch?”

“Ghost and ground. It’s like a haunted sand castle...sort of?” Rosa smiles as she scoops Mink into her arms. He needs to eat, but if she doesn’t keep an eye on him, he might convince Scraggy that now’s the time to double team Dynamo. “I think we can trust these two together long enough to grab some food.” She motions to Autumn and Scraggy, who seem to be engaging in a lighthearted talk.

''Yes, I hope we can. Scraggy, I expect you to behave yourself, alright? Don't pick any fights, i'll pick your favourite meal.'' He was worried about Scraggy and Sneasel. They seemed like they were downtown gangsters together or something. ''Scraggy and your Sneasel seem to get along well, don't they?'' Arwyn turned to Rosa.

Ivrant quickly came back with a hamburger! Seemed like a good lunch choice! He picked up a bit of food for his other Pokemon as well. "Back. Didn't take too long luckily." Ivrant smiled as he sat on down. Dynamo glanced down at the Scraggy and started to eat some of his own food, keeping a higher spot from the other two mon of course.

“They do. I guess it’s because they’re both dark types?” Rosa thinks aloud as she looks down at her Sneasel, who is peering over her shoulder to keep an eye on Autumn and Scraggy, his tail-feathers twitching curiously when he sees Dynamo. “...Maaybe we shouldn’t leave them alone together.”

''Hmm... well, luckily, we have Autumn to look after them, don't we?'' Arwyn looks at Autumn. ''Now, c'mon Rosa, we should get something to eat, I am really hungry.'' Arwyn saw that Ivrant was already back with his food. ''Oh, you're back already. Would you please keep an eye out on Sneasel and Scraggy?''

"Oh uh..." Ivrant had easily noticed that Scraggy and Dynamo didn't get along well at all since their last encounter. "Yeah I'll make sure these two don't get in trouble. You'll behave right Dynamo?" The roselia seemed hesitant but gave off a small nod before continuing to eat its own food.

“Then I guess you can stay...if you behave.” Rosa looks down at her Sneasel, who flashes a big grin. With a bit of uncertainty, she places him on the ground beside Scraggy. “Let’s hurry, before the burgers are gone.” Rosa encourages.

Autumn sits down beside Ivrant’s foot, keeping an eye on the sneaky dark types as Mink raises his paw in greeting to Scraggy.

''Hmm... there are quite a few good burgers here. Victreeburgers, Pokéburgers, and Trubburgers. I believe I shall take a Pokéburger. And for drink, i'll take one of these Tapu Cocoa's. They look pretty good. This is quite the festive lunch, isn't it?'' Arwyn turned to see what Rosa was getting.

“...What do you think a Trubburger is made out of?” Rosa asks with an unnerved expression. It’s a pun off the Pokemon Trubbish, right? Is it made from Trubbish, or just meant to look like...garbage? Either way...she’s not going anywhere near it. She reaches for a Victreeburger and a can of Pinap juice.

''I think it's mainly a pun of it being not very healthy for you... but let's not test that theory. Shall we head back to our table, and hope our Pokémon didn't kill Ivrant?'' Arwyn laughed.

Ivrant himself seemed to be in a bit of an awkward spot with all the tension between the different Pokemon. He just tried to eat his food and hope that these two DIDNT kill Ivrant in the process of their feud. He'd have to figure out what was up with that before something bad happened.

“Too many witnesses.” Rosa jokes as she adds two different bowls of Pokefood to her tray. “Still…” As she looks over her shoulder, she can see Ivrant’s nervous expression, and Mink’s devious smirk. As fast as she can, without dropping her tray, she navigates her way back to their little group. “Everyone still have all their limbs?”

Arwyn follows right behind Rosa. ''Are you still alive, Ivrant? You look a little bit.... uncomfortable.'' Arwyn says with a concerned tone. He looks over at Scraggy and Klink. Scraggy seemed to talk to Autumn. Klink seemed to sit alone in the corner. Arwyn moves over to it. ''Hey, don't you want to communicate with the other Pokémon?'' Klink seemed a bit shy.

Ivrant sent out his other Pokemon while the thought was on his mind. Both Knox and Buster came flying on out. Thankfully Buster went running toward a plate of his own food immediately opposed to crashing into a table or something. Knox herself was a bit shy around such a big crowd as well. "Yeah just eatting quietly. Eheheh... guess its a good thing I came out of a self defense class eh?" Ivrant chuckled.

“Thank you for behaving yourself.” Rosa looks to Mink as she hands him his food. The Sneasel takes the little bowl between his claws and quickly scurries over-- to Ivrant, and sits on his foot.

“...Maybe I spoke too soon.” She sighs, placing Autumn’s bowl down beside her before catching sight of the hesitant Klink. Leaving her food at the table she approaches the little gear and slowly kneels beside it.

“Hey, little one. Everything okay down there?”

Klink sees Rosa. It looks at her, and eventually, it looks a lot better. ''It seems to like you a lot, Rosa! Speaking of Klink, I need some electricity to feed Klink. It usually picks up energy from a power outlet, however, I don't see any here.....''

"Hmmm... an outlet? There should be one hanging around somwhere..." Ivrant looked around. 'I'm sure they got tables set up near chargers iin the Cafeteria for our phones and such... hmm..." Ivrant flinched a bit when he noticed the Sneasel sitting right on Ivrant's foot. Looks like he was stuck there for a bit. Dynamo didn't seem too amused with another mon sitting on his shoe though.

“I’m not big on crowds either.” Rosa holds her hand out for the tiny gear to float onto, then stands up with the little creature hovering above her hand. Pokemon have a tendency to sense when they’re in like-minded company, and when they’re around humans that like them, and Rosa’s never seen a Pokemon she didn’t immediately want to interact with. “There’s an outlet around here...somewhere…” She thinks aloud as she scans the cafeteria. “I saw it yesterday.”

Too busy searching for the outlet, Rosa doesn’t seem to notice the delighted smirk on Mink’s face as he nibbles on his food. He’s fully aware that he’s making that Roselia annoyed, and his trainer at least a little uncomfortable, and it’s so much fun!

Scraggy seems to like the Sneasel already. He went over to the Sneasel. ''Ya seein' that princeling rosebud over yonder? He's real fun to mess with.'' It seems like they're up to no good. Klink meanwhile, seemed very content on Rosa's hand. They were looking for a power outlet, which surely would be somewhere around here, right?

Knox and Buster seemed to be finishing up their food and moved on over to the rest of the mon. They seemed mostly curious of the other two trainers but Knox herself seemed to be quite shy around all of the other mon, practically melting into a pile of sand. Dynamo meanwhile moved over to the Sneasel. "I hope you *cleaned yourself* before sitting on my trainer's shoe..." Dynamo huffed, wanting to dust the shoe off but not wanting to get anywhere near that for obvious reasons.

“Oh, I remember! It’s by the Electric Pokemon feeding kiosk.” Rosa smiles to the little gear in her hand, noticing the equally shy Sandygast in the corner of her eye. Poor thing...maybe she should take Knox with her-- but she’s too big to pick up.

Autumn seems to take note of her trainer’s thoughts and, using her psychic powers to break her dessert poffin in half, walks from under Rosa’s chair and places half the poffin beside the puddle of sand.

Sneasel cuts a sharp glance to Dynamo before taking another bite of his food. “Where do you think I’ve been, flower boy?”

Scraggy sticks his tung out to Dynamo and sits on Ivrant's other foot. Meanwhile, Arwyn turned to Rosa. ''The Electric Pokémon feeding spot? Can you show me where that is? That would certainly be good for Klink. But first, we should eat these burgers. This Pokéburger looks pretty good! What did you get Ivrant?''

"Oh me? Just a standard Cheeseburger... can't argue with a classic you know?" Ivrant smiled, suddenly noticing some weight on his other foot as the Scaggy seemed to take a seat there. He was clarly missing some sort of plot here. Dynamo himself seemed a bit more annoyed as he ignored the Sneasel's question and moved over to the Scraggy. "Really? Now your doing it? Real mature. Your lucky your wearing pants... or uh... whatever that is. Not nearly as problematic... but still!" Dynamo said with a hint of confusion.

Knox peeked out of its little sand pile and scooted toward the poffin and rought it right up to her mouth. It stared at the Espeon nervously as it munched it down.

“Oh, right, I guess food’s important.” Rosa laughs nervously. Honestly, in light of the new Pokemon she was able to interact with, she nearly forgot the purpose of coming here was to eat. Rosa picks up her tray with the hand not holding up Klink, and takes a seat on the floor beside Autumn and Knox.

The purple fox looks almost relieved as she hops into Rosa’s lap, making a pointed glance to the two dark types.

“You’re pretty popular today, huh, Iv?” Rosa suppresses a giggle at the two Dark types lounging on Ivrant’s feet. It would be cute...if the strong sense of ulterior motive didn’t linger above those two.

Scraggy looks up at Autumn. ''Heya Autumn. What are ya lookin' at?'' He ignored Dynamo, just to spite him. Meanwhile, while Arwyn ate the burger, he was surprised at how good the burger was. ''Wow! This is really good! Though this probably isn't very healthy at all.'' He takes a quick sip of his Tapu Cocoa.

Klink meanwhile was still frolicking on Rosa's arm. You can't really tell it's facial expressions easily, but this looks like it was in joy.

Knox shyly looked up at Rosa and scooted a little closer, finally emerging from its sand pile and giving off that goofy Sandygast expression. "Heheh... uh... yeah! Looks like it. Seems I'm locked here until these two decide to move. Guess my feet are just comfy?" Ivrant laughed as he took a bite.

Ivrant seemed content eatting his burger meanwhile while Dynamo was having a scuffle of his own. "Alright you two... why don't you sit on Arwyn's shoes or something instead? I don't want to imagine where else you sat before getting it on my trainer..." Dynamo said, moving behind the two and pulling out two vines to try and push them off from behind.

“I think this one’s vegetarian…” Rosa muses as she inspects her burger, though the burger is (again) forgotten when Klink begins to do a little dance on her hand. “Oh wow, you’re so cute!” Even Rosa’s dark eyes seem to brighten as she giggles at the frolicing Klink.

“Oh, just you three. Wondering what you’re planning.” Autumn squeaks. As long as they’re keeping their prank to a nice lowkey level, everything should be’ll just be nerve-wracking if and when this excellerates.

Aww, Sandygast is cute too. Neither of these Pokemon are common in the Johto region, and getting to see them up close is super exciting. Rosa holds out her empty hand towards the Sandygast. “It’s okay. We’re not so scary. Promise.”

“What fun would that be?” Mink snickers as he leans back against Ivrant’s leg. Seeing how problematic this was for Dynamo made this simple act of sitting so much more fun.

''Yeah, Klink is native to Unova, though they only appear in caves, so I haven't seen one before. But Klink... it's just so cute... Sandygast... I believe it's from Alola, yes? That tropical islands region? I've never been there.

''T-trouble? Oh Autumn, I reckon I'd never cause trouble for anyone. What's wrong with sitting on someone's foot?'' He glanced over to Sneasel.

The Sandygast peeked out fromas Rosa held out her empty hand and moved up a little closer to her. Though as she moved up to Rosa, that large mouth ended up passing right over it, seeing it as a small opprotunity to at least help get its form together. Rosa would suddenly feel in a temporary trance and have the urge to assist the Sandygast with building up some more sand on its form. Ivrant had no idea this was a thing so he thought nothing of it.

Dynamo meanwhile was busy trying to push the two off, sighing as just pushing their backs wasn't giving much results. And now the Sneasel was getting himself comfortable. On top of that, he was being ignored! He looked up at Autumn as he kept trying ot use his vines to push them off. "I don't appreciate these two sitting their dirty butts on my trainer's shoes." Even though he was disregarding how much Ivrant was walking around anyways. He was quite the neat freak.

“Maybe we’ll take a field trip there.” Rosa thinks aloud. Probably not, though she can hope. She would love to see how the trials of Alola differ from the gym challenges of other regions, and they could build a really big sand castle!

...Where did that idea come from?

Autumn suddenly bristles at an uncomfortable sensation that tickles the back of her mind. Something is trying to climb its way into Rosa’s mind… “Please stop.” She squeaks at Knox. She’s probably just scared, and trying to encourage Rosa to protect her somehow, so she doesn’t want to be mean about it...unless she persists. Her focus is so intent on the ghostly sand that she doesn’t notice Dynamo trying to talk to her.

“You gotta chill out.” Mink smirks at his own pun. “It’s not like we’re trying to eat him.” Mink gestures to Rosa and the ghost...with its mouth covering Rosa’s hand. Eh, she’s probably just saying hello.

Arwyn finishes up his meal. ''That was really good! We should probably get going soon though, huh? Our Pokémon seem to be causing quite the bit of mischief.''

Scraggy notices what Sandygast is trying to do. ''Hey, ya can't do that! If you do that again, prepare to meet my fists!'' He leered at the Sandygast. Klink was just sitting on Rosa's arm.

Knox quickly backed away again nervously, going back to melting into a small sand pile and just trying to build up some more sand over itself to hide a bit better. Such a bad first impression! Nope! Not coming out again!

Dynamo took that distraction as a fine enough distraction to use his vines to shove their rears right off of Ivrant's feet with a bit more force!

"Uh... did uh.. are you alright there Rosa? You look a little out of it there..." Ivrant asked her with some concern after the Sandygast retreated.

Rosa blinks several times very quickly. “Huh?” Weird, she feels like she missed something. Like she nodded off for a minute or two. She looks to Autumn, who looks content, and the Koink in her hand, who seems to be happily sitting, and then...Ooooh. “Sneaky.” She whispers to Knox with a tiny smile.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Hey, do you guys wanna go to the beach, after we get Klink’s charger?” Poor Knox must be feeling really homesick…

“Thank you, Scraggy.” Autumn offers a kind smile to the fighting type who offered his fists in defense of her trainer-- just as he was pushed, which caused Mink to flail his claws against those sneaky vines.

''Scraggy! Calm down! Guys, I think we should go before we make a scene.....Arwyn could feel that people were looking at them..

Scraggy looked quite proud. ''No problem, Autumn, I'm one of them true gentleman, unlike a certain somebody.'' Scraggy turned to look at Dynamo, with an evil grin in his face.

"ohhh a trip to the beach?I went there yesterday! Its pretty great! Sure thing! I wanted to show you two a few things anyways... we can do all of that when we get there! And yeah I guess it would be good for Knox here to hang by the sand every so often. Might help her get more comfortable." Ivrant smiled at the little Sand pile who seemed embaressed by Rosa's comment. "I can head back to my Dorm and get ready. We can all meet up at the beach after!"

Dynamo just gave off a small scowl at the Sraggy as he dusted off Ivrant's shoes with its flower arms, just grumbling a tiny bit. "I'm more gentlemenly then you could ever dream" He stuck his tongue out at him.

Oh dear...something tells her if they make these three associate long enough for her to take Klink to the kiosk, there really will be a scene. Rosa sighs as she looks to the Klink in her hand. “I’ve got a portable charger in my room, you can have it when we get to the beach.” With that, she stands, smiling down at the shy little Sandygast. “I’ll add to your castle when we get there.” She promises, clearly there are no hard feelings… at least between Rosa and Knox. There were going to be some hard feelings between their little group, and whoever gets caught up in the squabble that’s about to happen between the two dark types and the grass type.

“Let’s...nip this in the bud right now.” She takes Mink’s friendball from her belt and returns the sneaky little weasel. Breathing a sigh of relief, she returns her attention to the human boys. “Meet you at the doors in...fifteen minutes?”

''Alright.'' Arwyn agreed and returned his Pokémon to their Pokéballs. ''I'll meet you at the doors in 15 minutes.'' Arwyn then started walking to his dorms. Quickly though, they only had 15 minutes!

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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