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Dear Snails

Welcome to Christmafia. This game is your standard mafia game in most ways, but it’s also got some differences. Christmas is the season of giving, and this game is all about that spirit. Everyone begins the game as a vanilla player for their alignment. At the end of every Night Phase, we will be entering a Dawn Phase. During the Dawn some players will receive an item or role that they must bestow upon another participant during the Dusk Phase that will occur before we transition to the next Night. If you need to know the general mafia rules, check out Gunner’s Guide.

The Factions
The Town: The uninformed majority. They do not know… well anything much really. They win when the mafia is eliminated.

The Mafia: The informed minority. They know each other and share a Discord chat. Each night they choose another player to kill. The mafia will not be allowed to give gifts to other mafia members, but must still give away anything they get during the Dawn Phase.

The Grinch: The only player that starts with a role ability. The Grinch hates this Christmas muk and wants out. They win if they are lynched.

The Rules
1. All PC/UG rules apply.
2. Do not PM share.
3. You may not discuss the specifics of this game outside the thread. This does not apply to mafia chat.
4. If you fail to vote twice in a row, you will be removed from the game. This also applies to failing to give away a gift twice in a row.
5. The Day Phase lasts 48 hours. All other phases last 24.
6. You may not post during this thread outside of the Day Phase or Dawn Phase. Lynch votes may not be placed during the Dawn Phase.
7. Votes should be formatted as [Verb] Username

The Players

1. aeternum
2. Kiyotaka Ishimaru
3. purplecicada
4. Miah
5. Nero
6. L'Belle
7. peter McLightning
8. Bardothren
9. Pecilia
10. TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan
11. Nakuzami
12. Desox
13. Bidoof FTW
14. EvilChameleon
15. Syn
16. Melody
17. mew_nani

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