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    Hey guys, I have something a bit different to ask this time. Lately, I haven't really been able to find time to do this much, I really feel like the only thing I've "learned" is just common event stuff and getting used to the tiles - and well, I just really like the concept for the game, I do feel like it could turn into something fun and crazy - but despite all the really cool stuff you guys put together to make this thing, I still feel really intimidated by doing things.

    Mainly stuff like planning out a world, coming together with a story, and trying to make animations for the attacks which I'm definitely going to need.

    And something else is that I've been using the trial version of RPG Maker (since I had just bought ACE - right before learning about this stuff) and I guess I'm kind of on the fence if I should buy XP just for a game that might not even work out (despite really wanting it too).

    Guess what I'm really asking from all this is that do you guys have any advice how to make this whole game making process feel possible?
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