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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
The one year of your life that you will never regret. 8|

August of this year will be two years for me, and I still feel really late to the fandom even so.

As for Descend, oh god I try to avoid that flash. P sure that's when Bro dies, and that makes me sad. It was also one of the first flashes that I was completely blown away by. Aside from John: Rise Up.
Yeah, it's really been a good year. I'm sad it's come to a halt now.

Does anyone else also think that Homestuck was better or at least had another feeling to it before [s] Cascade? After that, it's been very different.

It wasn't in Descend, you can watch it safely :> It's in [s]Jade: Enter he... Well... not visibly, but Jack transforms into Bec Noir and it's just kind of implied that Bro won't stand a chance.
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