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    How exactly were they supposed to stop a team like Barcelona whose style of play involves keeping the ball as much as possible and constantly attacking or Bayern who play wide and create infinite chances in a game? They defended, like I'm positive many teams would have done. They played against two of the best attacking teams, knowing they themselves aren't that much when they attack; an inconsistent striker in Torres and an aging, one-chance player in Drogba. It's called tactics; I don't know why people are that much criticizing a TACTIC. Not the most appealing, but hey, it worked, right? They defend with as much as possible and wait for a chance to counter or make use of their -- albeit limited -- set pieces [which they scored from]. Besides, they only defended against those two teams -- and to an extent, Benfica in the second leg -- and people are generalizing that they always 'park the buss'.

    But they got lucky. Bayern have only themselves to blame [and Gomez and Robben]. Clear chances went to waste and they couldn't exploit the absence of 4 starting players from Chelsea, two out-of-form CBs, a penalty, and the penalty shootout which Bayern are usually experts in. Add to that playing on their home ground. The way I see it, everything was against Chelsea and for Bayern.