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    QUOTE=Destined;4634019]Let me guess? Sewers? Well sewers are smelly and dark, and usually crowded with Grimer and Muk (and a few Koffing and Weezing).
    Can't wait to see it, and I like the house thats based off the new lab in HG/SS, nice job.[/QUOTE]
    Yup that's right serwers! Thanks, and there are more HGSS tiles on the way!
    Originally Posted by eatroffles View Post
    Looks excellent, can't wait to play it!!!
    Originally Posted by ryushin5 View Post
    Nice update SL I like the new tiles can't wait to see more. :D
    Thanks, Check out the update below. I've made many new tiles for Ryen!
    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    This game has some really slick eye candy and I love the new buildings inspired by HS/GS.
    Thanks Neo dragon. Nice to hear that you like the tiles!
    Originally Posted by <~F.M.P~> View Post
    As Neo stated before, those tiles are amazing lol.
    Thanks! If you want to see more take a look at my HGSS tile thread.
    Originally Posted by BlazingLink View Post
    It's cool to see that you took advantage of those new tiles in HG/SS
    Keep it up! :)
    Yeah, when ever I see new footage I immdietly start spriting.
    Thanks for your constant support!
    Originally Posted by PyroYahtzee View Post
    Smelly, dark, and smells, eh?
    Hmm... I'd have to go with Destined on this one... sewers?
    Or maybe some form of junkyard? Not sure... But I can't wait!
    Yeah it's sewers. I'm not going to reveal much information on them though. You'll have to wait and play the beta when it comes out.
    Originally Posted by nmorr View Post
    You know what? I want to help, I'll show you some of my sprites. I have thought and drawn over 70-90 pokemon. Hope they help.
    Sorry for the late response, but we already have someone working on designs and sprites but thanks for your offer.
    Originally Posted by nmorr View Post
    I searched for the demo on google and found it in Rapid Share....hope I'm not
    braking the rules telling you this
    Originally Posted by Anuhrima View Post
    That is an old demo, he is making a new one
    Like Anuhrima said its an old demo. More like a pre-beta. It's drastically different than the current version in every aspect.
    Originally Posted by Hall Of Famer View Post
    Love the update! Everything in this game looks awesome!
    Thanks HOF!
    Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
    That Screen Looks excellent bro!
    Thanks. it's a screen from a route right next to a city called Marsin City.
    Originally Posted by Arcelio View Post
    You said in your first post that the beta release would mark the one year anninversary? Well first, wow. One year in production? This must be one hell of a game! And second, I can't wait till the beta is released! Looks like June is gonna be a good month for me. Good luck on your beta launch, and I hope everything goes perfectly for you guys. After working an entire year on a game, you guys definatly deserve it!
    Yeah I'm still in shock that we've been at it for a year. I've played Ryen several times now (for bug testing puposes) and its about 2-3 hours of gameplay to the 2nd gym. It'll feel like a real pokemon game. You'll see what I mean whwn you actually play the game!


    (prototype, new one with protagonists and flosting gems coming soon...)
    Tittle screen music currently custom remix of metroid zero mission tittle screen music...

    Ok...Let's get started!:
    Ok so i've been working on a few things, most of which is eventing. Second on my list would be the HGSS tiles. I've been putting a lot of work towards spriting HGSS tiles as new footage is released. Now here's what this update is going to include:
    1:Pokemon Ryen enviroments
    2:Overview on HGSS tiles
    So, let's get started!

    Pokemon Ryen Enviroments!:
    Pokemon Ryen, like Pokemon platinum and other games, will include different types of enviroments will have unique tiles and Pokemon. These new enviroments will be scattered throughout the region of Ryen. Here are some of the enviroments in Pokemon Ryen so far. *Not in order as they appear in the game*

    1:Original Tiles/ Common Tiles
    These tiles are used in small islands that are unimportant to the storyline such as the starting town Island (not named) or the Island which includes Veraville City Rising City.
    Exception: Gullport City


    2:Snowy Tiles/Mountanous
    These tiles are used on areas that are high and elevation. Since the area is in a high elevation it is an area where snow can occur. Examples of such areas would be Route 49 and Rising City.


    3:Rainforests/Jungles Tiles
    You'll see these tiles when entering the rainforests of the Ryen region. These places are usually near humid climates such as Veravillve forest which is by Route 52 and by Veraville City which leads to another water Route.


    4:Volcanic Island Tiles
    Volcanic Islands will see there own set of tiles. Volcanic Islands are usually along or close to a trench in the Ryen region (dark Patches of water). An example of a volcanic Island would be the island that houses Florafoli Town.


    5:Tiles of Islands Important to the Storyline
    Islands that are important to the storyline, the ones where you'll spend a long time at, will use these tiles. The tiles will be based off HGSS. Such places include Marsin City.


    6:Mainland Tiles
    These tiles will be used for locations which are located on either of the 3 mainland continents. Such a location would be Signas City.
    Exception: Gullport City


    Other Enviroments not mentioned:
    Sea Routes

    HGSS Tiles!:
    Ok so yeah, i've been working on HGSS tiles. To check my process just visit my thread:

    Here's on the latest things I have done, Cherrygrove City:

    *Tiles not public*

    I put this video up a while ago hoping to update but that never happened. Here's the video if you didn't already see it. You'll hear the battle music which are remixes of the kanto gsc battle music by megiddo.

    Yeah that's right Ryen will have sewers. They will located on some big cities, maybe Signas City! All I can do know is show a screen of a sewer which will be like a maze that gets more difficult as you travel deeper into it.

    Sneak Peak!?:
    Now that was a long update right!? The next update will cover a remapped Gullport City and...


    Pokemon Ryen
    We're back!

    You've waited and now we're back!

    Stay tuned!

    Stuff that i've been kepping secret from PC.