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Alice was her name huh. Nonetheless, She willingly accepted the handshake. Mark appreciated that she was alot more cheerful then the other students in his class. She was pretty nice also and sure left a good first impression.

"Of course!" Mark called out as he began to walk toward the Arena. Commodore floated side by side with Jem and stared at the Vulpix every so often. Commodore often liked to look like a complete oddball but was really interested in stuff it didn't know. "PORY..GON" ["Vulpix. Name...Jem. Pleased to meet you. I am Commodore."] It said, even translated, it sounded monotone and robotic.

As Mark walked to the arena, he couldn't help but notice... if she was all the way up there... There's no way she could be in this class. Mark decided not to say anything... not yet at least. He was about to battle somebody after all! And if he beat somebody from the Suicune dorm, he could surely get a bit of popularity around the academy! As much as he'd like to start a conversation, having a battle first would probably be a better idea and the best way for trainers to get to know eachother.

Mark was eventually arrived at the stadium area. "Well Alice, I'm ready whenever you are!" He said, walking over to his side of the battlefield.

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