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Jem dodged out of the way and used quick attack to counter Commodore. Jem lept up into the air and shot blue flames toward Commodore. That would really mess up commodores performance.

"Ah! Quick Commodore! Use Conversion!" Mark called out. After the direct hit from quick attack, Commodore quickly used conversion. Not only was his color pattern changed to red and black, it also turned into a fire type, making it resist Will-o-wisp. He wouldn't have lasted long in that situation.

"Phew... Hey nice trick there! But I got a few under my sleeve as well. Commodore! Use Sharpen!" Mark called to his pokemon. Suddenly the porygon's shape began to change. It's smooth edges suddenly became razor sharp! "Alright Commodore! Use tackle once more! Change your movement patterns a bit!"

Commodore moved left and right in a random pattern to hopefully trick Jem. With it's sharpened edges, Tackle was bound to leave a pretty big mark.

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