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    Originally Posted by KrustyKong View Post
    I think in this particular case, it would be easier to make the initial script short, then use the Delay command during the next part. How would I go about doing the suggestions you gave in case this comes up again later?
    Also I'm not sure how me adding three bytes to an originally 2 command script raises the total from an expected 5 to 6?
    the easiest laziest way to do this would be to search for free space and use that free space's offset. For example, you've found free space at 0x800000, then you would replace the 0x165F71 with 0x800000 within the script itself, while adding in your custom movements to that offset. You must end your movement with 0xFE.

    It's actually originally three commands (10, 25, FE). and you were overwriting those three(it doesn't go beyond 0xfe i guess) (in your case, only the first three of your custom movements overwrote those bytes. It became 6 (7 including 0xFE) because you got rid of the 0xFE when you overwrote, so the next set of commands were bridged to yours.

    basically: your entry can't be longer than the original, otherwise you need to use a different offset.
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