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    I'm trying to figure out how to go about this, so I'm going to seek advice.

    I have three boxes full of babies, including some of my baby Volt Tackle Night Daze Zoruas (legit. too) and 14 Charmanders. I also have some unneeded (but not baby) Pokés in a couple of other boxes, as well as two boxes that contain all of my legendaries (these are for cloning specifically); eventually, I'll add a box full of Events.

    I am getting ready to start up a trade shop, but knowing the work involved might be in over my head getting one started. However, my question is how to go about emptying my boxes. My trade shop will be a breeding shop, and will include a service whereby one can get either a perfect baby of virtually any species or any Egg Move that can legitimately be bred (the latter would involve some research by me on chain breeding in specific cases). I'll also have a Legendary Corner or somesuch.

    What I want to do is get rid of the Pokémon that are NOT babies and are NOT legendaries or Events.

    Am I better off setting up the trade shop now in order to do that (particularly since I have about two boxes-worth of babies among the Pokés), or should I post a giveaway (no babies yet, trade shop exclusive) in the QT thread? I have to compile all of the information first before doing either, just wondering what you guys think the best option is. :)

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